is an artist and outdoor guide
 in White Salmon, WA.

Harris hand draws original text and illustrations --among many other things. Currently she works as a freelance digital illustrator and whitewater raft guide in White Salmon, WA.

You can buy her work here.

Harris works in multiple mediums outside of the digital realm including but never limited to-- ceramics, pastels, paint, printmaking, and collage. 

You can see her fine art and other work here.

Harris's creativity extends beyond her art making and into her ability to lead and conceive projects that bring people together. She thrives in group brainstorm sessions and always is looking for ways to add interest and meaning to projects. In the past she has led an artistic team that was focused on sustainable art making, and has headed projects that give back to BIPOC organizations.


Harris' background in fine art gives her the ability to critically think about how to reach a unique final product. Her guiding and instructing experience give her the skills to lead, organize, and communicate well with large groups and individuals. She can share passion and welcome new members into a sporting community.

Harris' past clients include Immersion Research, American Whitewater, Fayettechill Mountain Co., Backcountry Access, Friends of the Cheat (FOC), Mountain Watershed Association, and Wilderness Voyageurs. 


Harris is currently taking on projects.

If you would like to add her creative vision and  artwork to your project--or would like to add Harris as a member of your team-- drop your information and project details below. 


If she isn't the best fit, she may be able to connect you with other creatives.


Get back to ya soon!